How to guide safely

Getting out and about during the Coronavirus pandemic can be difficult if you have sight loss.

Some of the issues you may experience include:

  • Difficulties adhering to social distancing if you are not aware of where others are in relation to yourself
  • Unexpected layout changes of shops and routes you normally use as a result of Covid-19 restrictions
  • Additional restrictions at pay points in shops such as protective screening
  • Temporary barriers

It is important that people with sight loss follow the latest Government guidance but you can still be guided by someone outside of your household (if neither you or your guide has Covid-19 symptoms or need to self isolate) as long as you follow the rule of six and take additional precautions. We’ve put together a short video about how to guide safely below but some other tips to reduce risk include:

  • Not having your guide enter your home
  • Keeping guiding sessions as short as possible
  • Avoiding face-to-face contact as much as possible

If you have a disability that may not be immediately obvious that means you could benefit from extra support or are exempt from wearing a mask you can use the hidden disability lanyard, you can find out more information about it here