Richard Garton is a service user at Beacon, who shares with us his journey and the impact Beacon has had on me.

Richard is supported in the Health and Wellbeing department and spends his time at Beacon within the social room, crafts room and cookery classes. Richard lives in Wednesfield and worked as a postman for 40 years, retiring at 65.

After having a stroke, he was left to recover at home, but was determined to live a full and active life. His local services referred him to Beacon and has been here for over four years.

The retired postman said: “I feel satisfied when coming to Beacon, after seeing others at the centre I realised there were many who had far more complicated disabilities – it puts life into perspective for me. This has pushed me to work harder and focus on the things I can achieve.”

At Beacon there are many people who come through our doors with sight loss and other disabilities, and we want our service users to feel comfortable. We cater to individual needs, offering a range of different services.

“The social room is a great place to connect with other like-minded individuals, boosting your social skills. In the cookery classes we learn really tasty recipes in a simple way all with the help of our staff, volunteers and tactile aids dotted around the kitchen.

“I have always enjoyed drawing since a young age, when I arrive at the centre I always sit in the social room and start to draw. I am currently working on a cross stich project with the help from our staff and volunteers. Beacon has definitely brought the inner creativity out of me”.

Beacon is a place for everyone, our services help people to realise their full potential. To find out more, contact us at