Becky Green, volunteer coordinator at Beacon, recently signed up to get her will in place during Make a Will Week at Beacon. Becky shares her thoughts on why she chose to make her will and what it means to her.

“After recently getting married I felt I had more responsibility and needed take greater ownership of my life. Me and my husband have never considered a will or even spoke about it – one of those thoughts you rather not think about. But when you consider how life will be if the unfortunate did happen then you start to see things differently.

“For me the idea of not knowing where what goes where and how me, or my partner, would carry on is scary. But the most important aspect is my family heirlooms which are very close to my heart – making a will is not just about assets.

“Thanks to the support of Beacon I will be guided by a well-respected Law firm who will take me through all my options. I have pet dog, Rupert, who I want to make sure is left in good hands should anything happen to me.

“Making a will is also my chance to leave gifts to those close to me. There are organisations close to my heart who do great work in the community and something I will consider as part of my will. I would encourage anyone making a will to think about a legacy and leave a lasting impression on their community.”

The service is also available on 12 and 14 November – between 11am – 2pm. There is no need to book in advance. Single Wills cost £139 and Mirror Wills (couple) £199 – with 30% of your fee being donated to Beacon