Beacon Social Enterprises

We’re delighted that Beacon Centre and Beacon Opticians+ have each been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, your guarantee that we use any profits to support people with sight loss. A social enterprise is a business activity that generates sustainable income and social impact from trading.
The great news is that at Beacon we have lots of businesses that you can buy from. We trade and aid.
When you donate or make a purchase in our Charity Shops, you help us re-cycle and reduce waste, as well as making fashion and furnishings more affordable. 

A delicious drink and cake bought from our Reflections Coffee Shop, provides funding for travel to Beacon Centre for someone with sight loss in one of our minibuses.

By booking your next business meeting in our conference rooms, you will be funding support for someone with sight loss for an hour.

Simply by having a sight test and purchasing your next pair of spectacles from Beacon Opticians+, you will be helping to reduce the levels of avoidable sight loss in the Black Country.

Buying something from our shops now means that every penny you spend with Beacon benefits people living with sight loss today.

Click here to find out more about the Social Enterprise Mark.