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Welcome to the new look Wolves Lottery supporting  Beacon Centre for the Blind.

There’s 33 chances to win in the Wolves Lottery each week with a top prize of £1,000.

Sign up today and you’ll help us support people with sight loss with 65p from every pound you spend on the lottery supporting Beacon’s work.

Every member’s birthday will be also be entered into the draw for a special giveaway consisting of unique Wolves prizes such as lunch at Sir Jacks Restaurant, signed Wolves merchandise or even the opportunity to meet a first team player.

Players must be 16 years of age or over and Wolves Lottery is licenced by the Gambling Commission. Please gamble responsibly.

You can now sign up online and pay monthly by direct debit, click here to join today!

For information on how to sign up call 01902 880 111.

Keep checking this page for the weekly draw results.

You can find the terms and conditions here


How much will it cost to play the Wolves Lottery and support the Beacon Centre?

It costs £1 per week. When you sign up for a direct debit it will cost £4.34 a month because it is calculated across the year, you won’t pay any extra. 

How many prizes are there available each week?

£1,000 Jackpot
£150 Prize
£100 Prize
£75 Prize
£50 Prizes (5)
£25 Prizes (4)
£10 Prizes (20)

Can I sign up online?

It’s really simple to sign up to the Wolves Lottery, just click this link

Wolves Lottery Results 20.12.21

WEEK 29 20th December 2021 £1000: Mr Dean Tustin : B.252£150: Mrs A Harris : W.598£100: Mr Peter Gregory: A.904£75: Mrs C Tucker : Q.260£50: Mrs Mary Stanfield: E.211Mr Mark Carter : X.571 Mrs Steward : I.324Mrs Diane Rigby : A.722Ms Yvonne Franks : I.248 OTHER...

Wolves Lottery Results 13.12.21

£1000: Mrs E Painter : D.572£150: Mrs Kathryn O'Leary : L.453£100: Mr Barry Sproston: D.215£75: Ms Sarah Tooth : D.005£50: Mrs A Mole: K.486Ms Christine Howell : A.258 Ms Sharon Baker : I.154Michelle Kavanagh : D.589Mrs S Martyn : J.694 OTHER WINNERS: £25D.615 | A.619...

Wolves Lottery Results 25.10.21

  WEEK 21 25th October 2021 £1000: Mr H T Mason G.621 £150: Martin Cross D.322 £100: Mr W Payton J.873 £75: Abbie Russell A.795 £50: Mrs B Craddock M.518 | Liz Williams-Hubbard C.191 | K S Sidhu V.992 Mr K Beers D.239 | Mrs A Butler F.724 OTHER WINNERS: £25 R.155...

Wolves Lottery 18.10.21

£1000: Matthew Nicholls E.064 £150: Mrs S Weston J.954 £100: Robert D'Arcy D.987 £75: Andrew Liberadski L.055 £50: Joanne Palmer E.981 | Darrell Sarginson Q.786 | Mr R F Lowbridge G.234 Mr D Yeomans B.762 | Laura Mitchell D.370 OTHER WINNERS: £25 C.154 | B.639 | Q.658...

Wolves Lottery