Beacon has launched a survey to better understand the sight loss community when voting following the recent general election. 

The survey, brainchild of Beacon CEO, Lisa Cowley, came about after many people were still reporting varying experiences from voting. 

Lisa said: “Now that the dust has settled after the recent general election, we wanted to find how the sight loss population felt about their voter experience. Historically voting with a visual impairment has not always been easy and that’s why it’s important to understand the voter experience form the point of someone living with sight loss.”

The questions cover a range of topics from candidates leaflets to support at the polling station. Beacon is keen to appreciate all aspects of voting for the sight loss community and is asking residents from around the Black Country and Staffordshire to fill in its online survey.  

Lisa added: “This is also a good chance for anyone to tell us how they feel about negative and positive issues when you voted recently. We also have to understand experiences can vary depending on where you live. As a sight loss charity, we know the barriers people living with sight loss face in everyday life. Voting is not something we do all the time, but it’s important to make sure all people have the support they need to exercise their right to vote.”

The survey can be found online at: and will be kept confidential with feedback helping the charity to focus on patterns and areas where greater support and improvement is needed.