The Beacon Centre runs a telephone befriending service which sees around 140 local people at risk of loneliness receive a call for a chat and a catch-up each week.

We are looking for volunteers who can help change someone’s life through a phone call and spoke to one Wolverhampton caller Liam, a part-time tutor, who wants to encourage others to sign up.

This is a selfie of Liam, taken on a chair at home. He's wearing a checked shirt and has glasses on.

“I have been a telephone befriender for around 18 months after signing up during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve developed a real friendship with the person I am matched with, we now meet regularly for coffee and have even been to the cinema which is a real treat for him as he hadn’t gone to watch a film more than six years. We’re looking forward to our next film! 

I signed up because I wanted to make a difference for people who might live on their own or have restricted lives in some way. Before I got married and moved to Wolverhampton I lived on my own and at times the telephone was a real lifeline for me. I always try to be reliable, contacting the people I call when I say I will and I think this helps build the friendship. It also helps that the person I have befriended and I are both big Wolves fans!

“Aside from knowing I am helping people I really enjoy the friendships I have been able to develop in the role and am thankful for all the support I have received from Beacon to help me as a volunteer.”

If you’re interested in making a weekly call to help brighten someone’s day, please get in touch with Beacon to find out more.

Although Liam has developed a strong friendship with the person he befriends there is no requirement to meet in person. Volunteers are matched with someone who has similar interests or life experiences and just need to be able to make a regular call to them at a time that suits both.

Call 01902 880 111 to find out more or email to sign up.