Beacon Service User, Joan Ansell, shares with us her story and the positive impact Beacon has had on her life.

Joan is supported at our centre in Stourbridge and takes part in a range of activities such as arts & crafts, gardening and lot’s more. Before Joan was referred to Beacon, she used to work in tailoring which was her passion and loved her job.

After finding out she had Macular Degeneration Joan refused treatment because there was a strong likelihood she could suffer from a stroke – something she naturally wanted to avoid.

Joan explains “I currently take tablets to manage my condition but refused the treatment because of further complications. My daughter found out about Beacon through the internet and when I went in for an interview, I immediately liked it and haven’t looked back since.”

Before coming to Beacon Joan was lonely and didn’t’ get out as much as she wanted and did not socialise a great deal with others, but this all changed once she started coming to Beacon.

“I enjoy socialising with others at the centre, as it helps me interact and meet new people – something I used to struggle with.”

Beacon provides Joan with activities which she wouldn’t normally have access to, allowing her to get the most out of her day.

“I feel comfortable when at Beacon because the atmosphere is supportive and friendly. I really enjoy the arts & crafts activities which brings out my creative side and also reminds me of my past. I always feel excited when coming to Beacon as I look forward to doing more amazing things at the centre.

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